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WARNING: You are looking at an announcement of an event that lies in the past
Date: 19 Sep 2009
Time: 23:00 - 02:00

Dr. Ron Kenoly will be one of the many worship leaders who will unite on one stage for Boston Night of Worship. From Thursday, Sept. 17, leading up to the night of worship, Dr. Ron will host "The Academy of Praise," intensive workshops for worship leaders and all those who desire to go deeper in accessing the manifest presence of God through worship.

Dr. Ron Kenoly, a dove award winning worship leader, has been highly used by God all over the world in the ministry of praise and worship.
Come and receive top-notch worship training that will empower you to live a worship lifestyle.

For more information, go to www.ronkenoly.com..
NOTE: The venue for the academy is Lion of Judah Church located at:
68 Northampton st, Boston, MA 02118



I am still praising and worshiping our God. I have been wanting to attend the Academy of Praise for almost ten years. I have built an excitment and anticipation of wanting to attend. I give God the glory for allowing me to finally meet and learn under the ministry of Dr. Ron Kenoly, I will never be the same. In this short version of the Academy curriculum, I still left with more knowledge on how to love on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My cup was filled with practical reasons why praise and worship is a "lifestyle". I love the Lord with all my heart and enjoyed being around others who freely love my Lord too. Thanks to Dr. Kenloy,Grace(I'm going to take you up on that offer, LOL), LaDonna, Lillie, Ollie and especially Pastor Roberto, and the congregation there at the Lion of Judah church. I thought the translation would loose the spirit, but I am so glad to say that it was smooth, anointed, and fun. It just goes to show us that when we all are worshipping God we become united in the spirit. Then saturday night at the Boston Night of Worship, that was so amazing, love filled the temple, and we just had a good time in the Lord, thanks Bro. Enzo and his team. Then Sunday, to top everything off Dr. Kenoly ministered in an unorthrodox that still brought souls into the kingdom. Thanks for the experience in Boston. Love ya, and keep praising and worshiping our Father. God wants us so close to Him, that He can smell the blood of Jesus that is on us. Peace and Love to all of you.
Sister Valerie McLoyd, Philadelphia, PA.


I would like to thank Our Almighty God for the wonderful opportunity to attend the Academy of Praise & Worship with Dr. Ron Kenoly. I have never received a teaching like that before. May God continue to bless Dr. Ron Kenoly, his family, and this ministry abundantly. It was truly an amazing experience! Thank you brother Luiz for telling me about the conference, it was all God's leading! Bless you. I will never be the same after this. I learned so much and I am looking forward to applying what I have learned and to share with others what I have learned. Special thanks to Lion of Juda for hosting this conference. I met some new brothers and sisters in the Lord of which were a combination of Pastors and members, I felt so welcomed and so blessed! Thank you all. Continue to walk in faith and in love. God bless you all. Love Coralie Cintron


I want to express my thanks to Dr. Kenoly for three days of excellent teaching. You are a truly anointed teacher. The information you gave and the example of your life is truly life changing. Thank you for coming to Boston and imparting your years of experience to us.

Thank you, Lion of Judah, for hosting Dr. Kenoly and for being a place in the city that I can always count on to be a warm, gracious, house where the presence of God is a manifest reality. May the Lord continue to bless Lion of Judah abundantly with all good things. Blessings to you, Pastor Roberto, for being a man of God, an apostolic father in the city of Boston. Much love! Dianne Knowles

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