Sermon June 15, 2008 : The task of being a father

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  • Presenter: Claudio Yeme (translated by Dr. Roberto Miranda)
  • Date: June 15, 2008
  • Location: Congregation Lion of Judah, Boston MA

Let’s give a hand to Claudio Yeme, a good friend of mine. You know, we’re going to have a little bilingual dynamic here, and I don’t know who’s translating this morning and I praise the Lord for you, and I thank you but you know what, just because I’m doing an experiment here, I’m going to be translating my brother from up here. So, you know, I want to introduce more of an English dynamic just to see what the Lord does as we’re revamping our English ministry and so on and so forth, so this morning I would like to translate as an experiment here and we’re having kind of this bilingual dynamic today, so thank you whoever you are there translating this morning.

God bless you, it’s a pleasure for me to be here. Thank you to pastor Roberto and his team, they have invited us to share here. It’s a privilege being with you. I’d like to share a theme with you in reference to father’s day, it is as follows, the task of being a father.

I want to tell you I’m not an expert on this theme, I barely have been married 4 years, but I do believe that the word has authority. What we want to do today is to present what the Bible say respecting fatherhood, and I acknowledge that we’re all learning in this process of how to be better fathers.

To be a father has never been easy especially during this time in history that we are living where judeo Christian values are lying on the ground, so to speak, all over society, but thanks to the Lord for the church for we can rescue these values through the word of God and with the help of the Lord to apply these values to our home life. If we are waiting simply on society and public schools there is very little hope for us in our homes but in Christ Jesus there is hope indeed.

For this reason I want to invite you to First Timothy, chapter 3 verse 4 and 5 and let’s go then to verse 12.

“…. That he would govern well his home, and see that his children obey him with proper respect for anyone who does not know how to manage his own home how will he take care of God’s church….”

Verse 12, “… a deacon must be the husband of one wife must manage his children and his household well…”

Amen. This passage is found in a context regarding qualities for leadership in the local church. But it is also applicable to family life because the passage speaks about qualities that you and I as believers must accomplish before being leaders and if we do not have some of these qualities on the road God wants us to acquire these qualities, and for this reason it is not simply a passage for qualities that a leader must put together but for all believers regardless of whether in leadership or not, but they want to simply live in the Lord. And so for this reason we have read this passage.

And the word that really catches my attention regarding the task of being a father, as the Bible says, that he would govern well his home. That is the first point that I’m going to tell to you. in the task of being a father we must learn to govern well out homes. Amen

Are you with me? That they might govern well their home. Now, what does that mean? That passage, alluding to governing well your home and having your children in submission with all honesty is the same idea that we find in Ephesians, chapter 5, verse 23 where Paul states that the husband is the head of the home, and therefore he takes for granted in first Timothy 3 that the believer in Christ must reflect these qualities in order to serve well the Lord. For this reason during this father’s day, that is the counsel that God gives to us: that you and me would govern well.

Now, what does governing mean? It means to manage, it means to lead, to guide, to give clear instructions. And for that we as parents we need to know what is our role, what is our position, biblically speaking. Now, God says that we as parents are the head of the home, and he who leads, it’s not the dictator who dictates in the home as the world tends to do with this background of machismo. The Bible says that we are the head of the home. When we understand what this means then God is assuming that we are going to exercise well this ministry of managing and governing our home and being the head of our home. Amen.

And the second thing that we see in this idea of governing well your home, managing well, it says that the father, the mother must have their children submitted to them, under their authority, that’s what I see here in verse 4, and it says there in the following way:

“… that he or she would have their children in submission with all honesty…”

Now, what does that mean? To have your children in submission, that means to teach your children to acknowledge that father and mother as a team they have the last word regarding any decision that has to be made in the home. Amen. Teach our children this principle that the authority established by God, to guide, to help and to make sure that things march well in the home, God has established for them to do this and that children need to respect this hierarchy, order, that God has established. I also want to say that we, sons and daughters, we have three responsibilities regarding our parents: 1) we must honor our parents; 2) we must forgive our parents; 3) we must obey our parents. Amen.

Since they are the authority that God has established all of us who are children, we need to reflect these three requisites: to obey them, to honor them and to forgive them. Now, why forgive them? Because our parents are human, they are not infallible, they can make mistakes regarding their raising us, and when they are raising us they may even have committed sins, but if you and I as children know truly the Lord we need to obey the word of the Lord, we need to respect them, honor them and forgive them. Amen. Praise the Lord.

Also, executing this task of being parent, the Bible says here that we must govern well, it’s not just about leading, it’s not just about teaching our kids to submit to us, it’s also about to lead as we serve in love. Do you remember what Jesus said in Mathew 20, verse 25 to 28? When the disciples are having a conversation about who was going to be the most important one in the Kingdom of Heaven, how did Jesus answer them? He said, if you want to be first you must be a servant. Amen. In other words, as parents you and I we need to guide our home but at the same time being servants. Amen. For example, in the practical things of the home, for example, helping our wives to wash the dishes, or to sweep the home, if you don’t know how to cook for example at least boil an egg, do something, help your wife in such a way that your children will see that dad is a leader who servant and leader and they will also learn then how to be servants. Praise the Lord.

Our sisters are very happy about that. When we do this my brothers and sisters, something very interesting is going to happen, we’re going to earn respect both inside and outside of the home. Amen. But if dad only comes to the home and he just turns on the TV, and he goes overweight and everything from lack of exercise and just goes to sleep right away, and the kids with their homework, they’re just trying to do all the best that they can without anybody helping them, it’s going to be very hard for your children to really have respect for you. You know, they might do it just for the love of God but they’re not going to have that honoring respect in such a way that when they become older they said, ‘ my dad has always been there for me in all my needs’.

Brothers and sisters, I think that we can do it with the help of the all-powerful God. Amen. Blessed be the Lord.

Now, the second task of being a good father or a mother, is to provide for the needs of the home. Amen. First Timothy 5:8 says in the following way:

“… for if someone does not provide for his home, or for his own, and especially for those of his family, he has in fact denied the faith and he has become worse that if he were an unbeliever…”

Now, here the word is speaking about material provision, the context is that believers who have relatives who are widows, or who have lost a loved one and have been left bereft of any love or aid, Paul is teaching the pastor Timothy that these people who are needing help should not become a financial burden for the church but rather we as children, and as relatives we must supply for the needs of those who are elder or needy among us, whether they be grandparents or parents, not to abandon them, but it also is applicable to the home itself. If we do not provide well in order to help our own family and provide for our family, God says, you know, you cannot really call yourselves Christians, we have become worse than if we were unbelievers.

So in this task of being a parent we need to provide for the needs of the home. I acknowledge that we are speaking about a context where we’re living a social context where father and mother need to work, and in that case we must work as a team. The important thing is that there be enough for the needs of the home, and that there might even be more in order to share with others who are in need beyond our family. Amen.

The third task that we see here for being a good parent we need to establish solid spiritual foundations for our homes. Proverbs 22:6 says in the following manner:

“… teach the child in his way and even when he becomes old he will not deviate from them…·”

We need parents, we cannot just leave the task of educating our children to the mother, the spiritual task is a task for all including evidently fathers. We must be models in our homes. It’s not simply telling our children, ‘hey, go to church,’ or wife, you go with them, while you’re watching Tv for example, or watching sports and there we come just towards the ends of the service. We must as fathers be an example, we must be foundation in giving spiritual clarity to our children. Amen, brothers and sisters, this is the idea en Deuteronomy chapter 6: 5 through 9 and the word of God says there:

“… you shall love the Lord God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength and these words that I command you today they shall be upon your heart and you shall repeat them, you will speak about them being in your home, as you walk on the road, when you go to bed and when you rise, and you shall bind them as a sign in your hands, they shall be as frontal in front of your eyes, and you shall write them in the beams of your home and even upon your doors….”

With what reason is the Lord saying to us in order that children might grow with solid, spiritual foundations? Amen. To love the Lord and to live in the fear of the Lord. Amen. And this is the task that you and I have ahead of us as parents.

And the last thing is that we need to apply correct discipline in a timely way. Now, why is this? Proverbs 13:1speaks in the following manner:

“… the wise son or daughter receives the counsel of his father, but he who’s foolish does not hear the counsel or the reprove….”

Verse 24 also says, “… he who withholds punishment from his son or daughter, hates his son or daughter, but he who loves his child from early on will bring correction to him…”

Brothers and sisters, when children are small, they need discipline. And discipline does not mean physical abuse, it does not mean banging them against the wall, as often our parents would do with us when we were children, or to take the shoe and hit them over the head with it. As you know well, that would bring us into great trouble with the authorities. No, discipline means corrections, it means to indicate, to teach them. Why you’re going to apply this discipline to them in a timely sort of way? In order that they might understand to fear discipline in a proper way and to be corrected in this way.

Here we have in Proverbs 23, verses 13 and 14, says in the following way:

“… do not deny correction to your child because if you correct him with the rod he will not die, you will punish him with the rod and you will therefore deliver his soul from hell…”

And then there’s another passage that states; “… foolishness is sort of bound inherently in the heart of the child, but discipline will separate him from that foolishness….”

But we’re talking about discipline combined with love, with wisdom, not with anger, this violent anger, but to teach the idea is to teach, to guide according to what God has established.

My dear brothers and sisters in this father’s day, may the Lord help us to be successful parents, not parents that will be sorry, ‘oh if I had done this or that, then things would have been different’. God wants us to in this task which is so difficult in this society that we are living in, that we might be successful in our parenting, but we need to depend upon him, to hold fast to the Lord and what we do not know how to do, let us seek guidance from the Lord on our knees, and declare, Lord, you are the architect of this home, you are the owner of our children, give us wisdom. And God will certainly give that wisdom. Praise the Lord.

Now, what happen with those who are not parents for one reason or another? They can adopt, you can help others in order that they might become better parents. Many times when we observe on the outside, you know sometimes being outsiders we can see better the lay of the land, we might see details that those who are inside dealing with parenthood may not be able to see and for that reason if you’re not a parent but you are seeing some other parents struggling don’t stay on the margin, do provide your timely counsel. You know, I’m certainly willing to receive counsel from people. Amen.

So, in conclusion, my dear brothers and sisters, the true parent is always willing to go upfront in order to respond to the needs of the home. You know, that parent will also make himself present and actively involved in the activities of his children, where it is so important that he be there. He who is a father is always attentive, careful, of what is lacking, what is needed in his home in order to supply it, he participates actively en la education, disciplining of his children, and works in a team with his wife in order that the blessing of God might continue upon the home and upon the children so that when they grow up they might walk in the ways of the Lord. In this task of being parents we have seen 4 things which I want to summarize: we must govern well our homes, we must provide in order to supply for the needs of our family, we must put solid spiritual foundations, we must apply corrective discipline in a timely fashion, and God will certainly be honored.

May God bless you. Praise the Lord, Alleluia! Amen, amen.

Let us pray. We thank you Father because you are our Heavenly Father and you have your counsels for us in this privilege of being a parent. Help us to carry out this task with love with the direction of your Holy Spirit so that our generation might love you; serve with all their heart. These things we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen. Amen. Praise God. Alleluia!

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Bendiciones hermanos. Mi papá no es cristiano y no soportó oir la predica pero yo aprendi que debo honrarlo, perdonarlo y obedecerlo. Soy la tersera de cuatro hijas y unica cristiana en mi hogar. Que el Espiritu Santo les de una doble uncion. Venezuela


Que Dios me los bendiga y que continuen en el nombre de Nuestro Senor Jesus para la gloria y honra de el. Les Saluda los pastores de Casa del Padre El Salvador


Es grato poder leer, comprender y aprender mas de Dios por este medio la enseñanza de padres deja un gran aprendizaje en mi y espero que en muchos de los lectores.






Si, se puede perder si uno no vive una vida de santidad. La salvacion es gratis pero el mantenimiento corre de nuestra cuenta, el Senor nos dice que seamos santos porque El es santo.Vivimos en este mundo pero no somos de este mundo entonces tenemos que vivir una vida de consagracion oracion y santificacion, porque la carne es debil, eso de una vez salvos salvos para siempre es diabolico. Jesus dijo que la puerta de la salvacion es estrecha y el de la perdicion ancha.No nos enganemos tenemos que ser como las virgenes prudentes osea llenos de la presencia del Espiritu Santo. Bendiciones


gracias por su correo, el Señor nos llama a la reflexiòn sobre la tarea de ser padres y màs ahora en estos tiempos tan difìcil, pero si buscamos su instrucciòn y su sabidurìa el nos enseñarà a travès de su Espíritu Santo y vamos hacer esa tarea con màs facilidad, que el Señor Todopoderoso lo bendiga Pastor Claudio.






Al hermano Claudio, le conozco personalmente desde Panamá, (La Arena de Chitré), gracias por el mensaje de edificación sobre los padres, bención

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