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Omar Soto: Associate Pastor

Omar Soto is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Shortly after graduating from high school, he received his call to pastoral ministry. Omar has completed a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from the University of the Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico, a Master of Divinity degree from Andover Newton Theological School, and is currently finishing his Doctor of Ministry at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary with a concentration in Preaching. He is currently teaching as adjunct faculty within the area of Preaching at Gordon Conwell’s urban campus in Boston. Read More »

Peter Stone : September 2004 Prayer Letter

I remember witnessing in high school to my teammates and desperately trying to get them to pray the sinner's prayer. My objective was accomplished if they would just say the words to that prayer and mean them at least to some extent. Once they said the words I felt so relieved and satisfied that I had accomplished something, and I felt I could rest at ease knowing that no matter what passed in that person's life or however they would regard Jesus in the future, their destiny with God in heaven was sealed--simply because they prayed those words to the sinner's prayer. Read More »

Sermon September 26, 2004 : Christians and the affairs of Cesar (Esther 4:13)

Now let’s go to the word of the Lord in the Book of Esther. I’m going to read a couple of verses from there. Book of Esther. Let’s go to chapter 4, verse 13. It’s a passage that we have heard many times in different kind of contexts, I want to apply it somehow to the theme that God has placed in my heart this morning.  Read More »

Peter Stone : August 2004 Prayer Letter

We have begun the church in Bogotá. A group of 15-20 meets in my home each Sunday to study the Bible with one of the pastors in our ministry.

Last week I taught the Bible three times in Spanish with our church plant in Cali (another city in Colombia). Praise the Lord I wasn’t thrown out of the country afterwards for butchering the language, and that none of the believers left the faith on account of my Spanish! Seriously, it was a huge step of confidence for me, and gave me a glimmer of hope that one day I will actually be able to communicate effectively the passions that are most dear to my heart. Read More »

Mark Mueller : July 2004 - Hands of Mercy Physical Therapy in Honduras

Our vision is to raise up a rehab center for handicapped children. Although the need is great, there is no therapy for children in this part of Honduras. When I last wrote we were beginning the second phase of the project, the training of assistant therapists who will volunteer at the center. The first group of students has finished their classes and practicum. We decided to train another group. They have finished their classes and are now completing their practicum. The practicum is in the Emilia D'Cuire School, the only special education school in this part of Honduras. The school has a program for children with physical problems. Currently there are 15 children in the program. Two people from the school have completed the training with me and will provide therapy for the children. This partnership between the church and the school has been a great help for all, especially for the children and their families. Read More »

Sermon August 29, 2004 : Romans 12 (Part 5)

We are going to continue on verse 9, that’s where we stopped last time if I’m not mistaken. Let’s pick up from there. We are preaching a series of sermons that I have called “horizontal sermons”. We call them horizontal sermons because they not only allude to those things that are related to obvious things of the spirit, such as healing or supernatural manifestations, or displays of God’s power and so on and so forth, but really they refer to things of this earth, relationships, attitudes, character, things that we Christians, so often stumble upon, that are so necessary for a Godly blessed life. We’ve been reading the first 8 verses of Romans, chapter 12, deriving our meditation from these verses. We will continue this today.  Read More »

Peter Stone : September 2004

It was wonderful to have Steve Casey come and visit me for 10 days here in Colombia this summer. Although his time here was brief, we were able to experience a great deal together. Steve helped to lead worship both Sundays he was here by sharing two songs on the guitar. We traveled to Cali where our ministry is currently discipling and training a small group of believers who have left a heretical church and are now in the process of trying to start a church of their own. Read More »

Suyeng S. Quant Diaz : Compass Program 2004

The Lord gave me the opportunity to be a participant of the Compass Program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Compass is a program for rising seniors in high school. This program for me has been an amazing and transforming experience at such a young age in life. It has set my mind to obey God’s calling and to be a living sacrifice to him. In Romans 12 says that our bodies need to be living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. Therefore, we should not conform any longer to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Read More »

Peter Stone : July 2004 Prayer Letter (Where is home?)

The strangest things come to mind these days—picking Japanese Beetles off the beanstalks in the garden behind Grandmother’s house in the summertime…shooting the Red Rider bb gun with my friend John…eating fried chicken and corn bread…shooting hoops in the backyard until the moon comes out and I can see my breath in its light… the burnt smell that my father’s saw makes when cutting pine boards for a new project—things that I grew up experiencing, and that were part of my roots and the fabric of my home. As my world spins in different directions and turns upside down in this new culture, it seems that my subconscious is grasping for some semblance of stability and familiarity. Read More »

Interview Dr. Miranda : What do you envision five years from now for Congregation Lion of Judah?

If I were asked what I would like to see in 5 years in terms of progress for our church, if somebody were to leave our church today and come back in 5 years, what would I like to see them encountering, what changes to observe. One of the most basic things, the very physical, very fundamental, is I would like to walk to our present parking lot at the back of this building and instead of an empty space to find a beautiful, modern, sanctuary with one floor on top for additional classrooms and offices, mounted on pillars so that we do not lose our parking spaces in the bottom that we can use for daily activities here at the church, and parking for personnel and parishioners.  Read More »