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Update : New Sanctuary Building

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Thanks to the support of many neighbors and the City of Boston, plans for the new sanctuary building are becoming a reality. According to Dr. Miranda, God not only has prepared the hearts of our neighbors and the city officials but also has given the congregation's members the funds necessary to construct the building. As we enter the new year 2005, Dr. Miranda challenges us to prayerfully discern what role God has prepared for each and everyone of us in order to bring the building to fruition and to advance the vision that it stands for: 'Transforming lives, Transforming the city'. Read More »

Hands of Mercy December 2004 : Ministerial Summary of Mission Honduras

In 1997, missionary Mark Mueller, guided by the Holy Spirit, became a member of Congregation Lion of Juda. Mark accepted the challenge of becoming a member of a Spanish speaking church with a different style and culture. During his membership, Mark has contributed to different ministries in our church such as serving as an usher and in Prison Ministry, and as an English teacher in HERC. Read More »

Sermon November 21, 2004 : Luke 17:11

Next week we have Thanksgiving and so it’s very appropriate that we study a little bit about an attitude of thankfulness, having gratitude before the Lord, having a gracious, thankful attitude which is so important. I want to sort of make it very clear to us, how important it is to have and attitude of thankfulness, being thankful before the Lord and also before others.  Read More »

Sermon November 14, 2004 : Romans 12 (Part 8)

Let’s go to Romans Chapter 2. I think by now most of the congregation can open with their eyes closed the 12th chapter, Romans because we’ve been there for many, many weeks now. We’ve been studying that chapter very, very deep contents and going through different points and examination, the call to Christian life that reflects the values, the character of Jesus Christ, the fruit of the spirit. We’ve also been dealing with Christian service and how Christian service should be conducted in the context of the congregation, what kind of attitudes should permeate the Christian service.  Read More »

Test : Why do leaders fail?

Test : Why is change necessary?

Change is necessary. If it works today we cannot assume it will again tomorrow. Read More »

Feedback : We would like to hear from you

Please help us improve our service by answering the following 3 questions. Thank you! Read More »

Reflection : God's calling on His leaders

REFLECTION: Amos chapter 7
I want to conclude our time today by taking you to the scriptures, so if you have a Bible turn in the Old Testament the Book of Amos, it’s a short, small book, if you can’t find it go to the table of contents. In my Bible it’s on page 389, maybe you can help your neighbor find it. Book of Amos chapter 7, if I was in a black church I would say when you find it say Amen. In the Book of Amos, chapter 7, Amos is a prophet and he’s having a fight with the priest. There’s a fight inside the church. Read More »

Lesson 5 : Fourteen qualities of a successful leader

1. Leaders recognize timing is everything. Timing is critical.
How many of you know that there are certain Sunday morning demons in hell? More stuff happens Sunday morning on the way to church, more arguments on the way to church, more fights on the way to church, in fact the demons in hell right now are getting ready for tomorrow, they’rebrushing their teeth and their hair, coming to your house. You know that’s true. Read More »

Sermon Nov. 7, 2004 : Persistent faith (Matthew 15)

Let’s pray. Father, we’ve come to the point today of sharing your word together and I’m always enthusiastic at this part because I know the life that it brings to us, Lord. The praise and worship is so important, it connects us to you, Lord. We worship you also through our tithes and offerings, but now is the moment in which we open our hearts and spirits to receive your word. Help us to have a teachable heart, Lord Jesus that even though it may be a word we have heard before that we can always receive something new from it. Your word is living and active and I pray for that life to touch our lives today. In the name of Jesus. Amen.  Read More »