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Mark Mueller : March 2005 - Hands of Mercy Physical Therapy in Honduras

After being sick in November and December, and a lot of rain the past few months, I have begun to work again with the children in January and February. We now have a small clinic open at the church. There are 12 children who come for therapy. I also see a few adults in the clinic or at their homes. During this time I have been revising and improving my training course. Read More »

Sermon February 20, 2005 : Genesis 22 (part 2)

Genesis, chapter 22 and we’re going to go from verse 1 on. Father we commit this word to you. It comes from you. We need your instruction, your enlightment in order to discharge it properly. The message that you want to give to us this morning, allow us to receive it in the depths of our heart. Holy spirit, lead us as we meditate upon your word in Jesus’ name.  Read More »

Sermon January 30, 2005 : Luke 16:1

Let’s go to the Gospel according to Luke chapter 16, beginning with that first verse. I will read it only in Spanish and I hope that the most of you guys have a Bible available. If you can share with somebody just in the interest of economizing time. I hope you have a Bible in English and if you don’t just raise your hand and we’ll make one available to you.  Read More »

Schedule : Weekly Activities

Sunday 8:30 Prayer
Sunday 9:00 Worship Service I
Sunday 9:45 Children Sunday School I
Sunday 11:00 Adults Bible School
Sunday 12:00 Worship Service II
Sunday 13:00 Children Sunday School II
Monday 19:30 Prayer
Wednesday 19:30 Midweek Worship Service
Thursday 19:30 Cell Group Meetings
Friday 19:30 Cell Group Meetings
Friday 19:30 Youth Meeting (12-18yrs.)
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Sermon January 16, 2005 : Galatians 2:20

Galatians 2, verse 20, and repeat with me in Spanish when I read in Spanish. It’s just verse 20, and just a rough translation here: “with Christ I’m jointly crucified and I no longer live, but rather Jesus Christ lives in me, and that which I now live in the flesh, I live it the faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me”, so that’s the English, the Lion of Juda translation, Galatians chapter 2, verse 20.  Read More »

Sermon January 9, 2005 : Haggai 1:2-7

The book of Haggai, chapter 1. It’s time, brothers, right? We hear that phrase often: it is time. It’s about time. And I wanted to share with you some reflections about that concept of time and how this word time we could divide it among 3 different dimensions with respect to our lives.  Read More »

Sermon Dezember 26, 2004 : Zachariah 9:9

We’re going to read from the book of Zechariah, chapter 9, verse 9. Zechariah is known as a minor prophet because his writings are small and yet they have such a powerful teaching for us. God put this passage in my heart today to share with you, particularly verse 9 although we’ll go on to verse 10 as well.  Read More »

Dr. Roberto Miranda : A Call to the Church in New England

Presented at the Vision New England 2004 Annual Meeting. Read More »

Introduction : Women Ministry

The Women Ministry provides a space where the women of the Congregation Lion of Judah could enjoy fellowshipping and address specific issues oriented towards them. The group has meetings bi-monthly on Saturdays at ten in the morning at the church. During this time they worship together, hear a meditation from a invited preacher, and receive ministering. Read More »

Contributors : Keeping the internet site up-to-date

In maintaining Congregation Lion of Judah's web site we believe that 'Everybody in God's Kingdom is a Reporter', testifying and publishing the Good News of Jesus Christ. If you would like to share your impressions of an event you attended or what is happening in your cell group or ministry please email us (in English or Spanish) at: Read More »