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Sunday on Video : November 27 - First Service

Presentation by Basil Yarde from radio WEZE (27 min.) | Read | Listen | View (100K) | View (400K)
Sermon (53 min.) | Read | Listen | View (100K) | View (400K)

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TBN Praise the Lord Show October 26, 2005 : Dr. Miranda featured on national TV

(17:02 min.) Watch Dr. Miranda as he explains to a national audience his views on gay marriage. He encourages the church to fight for both social justice and moral values. Watch Video: Cable/DSL (300K) Tel. Modem (56K) . Read More »

Dr. Miranda : July 1, 2005 Key Note Address to American Baptist Evangelicals

Thank you so much for inviting me to share some thoughts with you this evening. I am deeply honored by this privilege. I also feel a great sense of responsibility as I stand before pastors and denominational leaders who rightfully expect to hear a word from the Lord, and who give so much each day to the cause of the Kingdom. Read More »

National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast : President Bush congratulates Lion of Judah

President Bush: We see the love of neighbor in the tireless efforts of Hispanic American faith-based and community organizations that work daily to bring hope to harsh places. In Boston, the León de Judá Congregation mentors inner-city teens so they have a chance to realize the great dreams of America. Read More »

Mark Mueller : Update May 2005

Every year I participate in a rehab team with colleagues from the states. The trip has two parts: a conference and a practicum for the physical therapy students. The conference is open to all who work in the rehab field. This year the conference theme was stroke rehab. Read More »

Appendix : The Gay Marriage Issue

The gay marriage issue looms large before us, especially considering that in 2005 the Constitutional Amendment proposal must once again come before a closely divided Legislature. Our first task should be to devise an appropriate strategy for the months ahead. This should include: Read More »

8 : Societal Areas to be Addressed by the Plan

As previously stated, the Strategic Plan will seek to address major areas of society, seeking to influence these areas and leaven them with the values of the Kingdom. Some of the areas that we have identified so far are: Read More »

7 : Characteristics of the Strategic Plan

6 : The Formulation of a Strategic Plan for Massachusetts

In the next few pages we will outline various aspects of what will provisionally be called A Strategic Plan for the Church in Massachusetts. We will try to do so as systematically as possible, but for the sake of time we will simply list the various aspects in linear fashion and rearrange them on some other occasion. It is hoped that this summary will merely serve to stimulate collective reflection, to stir the imagination and to provide some concrete thoughts that might serve as a point of departure for sustained discussion in the near future. Read More »

5 : Governing Principles for the Church's Actions

The first thing that is required is the adoption of a corporate mindset: We are the Church of Jesus Christ in Massachusetts, expressing itself concretely in smaller bodies all over the state. We must regain our corporate outlook and begin to plan, strategize and act corporately. We must find the basis for unified action. The Spirit will only act through a united Church, not through isolated corpuscles. We must come together and begin to explore the bases for concerted action over a long period of time. This unity must not seek to be so encompassing that it pretends to embrace all the churches in this state. It must be founded on spiritual harmony and biblical orthodoxy. Ironically, it will clearly demarcate spiritual boundaries and accentuate already existent divisions in the Church. Nevertheless, it is required that people of like mind and spirit come together to hear from God and begin to act in faith to reclaim this nation for Christ. Read More »