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4: Living by design

As I have reflected on what it takes to learn to live life by design rather than improvisation or happenstance, I have discovered that the single biggest obstacle is the need to rewire the brain, so to speak, to adopt a new way of thinking. Read More »

3 : A journey of faith

God loves to send his people into awesome journeys, ignorant and unprepared, with only a letter of recommendation in their hand, forced to rely not on themselves, but on the authority and faithfulness of the Master. In the end, arrival at the desired destination is secondary in importance. The real beauty lies in the journey itself –the lessons learned, the self-breaking that occurs, the glory that accrues to the divine Guide, the opportunities that emerge for God’s justice, mercy, power and wisdom to be made manifest at every turn. Read More »

2 : Unity and diversity in the body

The very process of working out the internal difficulties and obstacles that we presently face as we seek to begin functioning as a corporate Body holds great potential for future ministry. Read More »

Update 1 year later : A new way of thinking

At this point, after almost a year of intense dialogue around the Master Plan, it seems appropriate and even necessary to try to give greater specificity to some of the concepts and aspirations expressed in that first document. Much greater clarity has been gained regarding the promise and potential obstacles offered by the Plan as it has been presented and discussed before various leadership groups in the Commonwealth. The following comments, written somewhat hurriedly, may perhaps seem a bit rambling and asystematic at first, but I hope that what they might lack in logical progression they will make up for in spontaneity and organic coherence. Read More »

Dr. Roberto Miranda : Master Plan Presentation Feb. 9, 2006

Over the course of the past twelve months, as we have presented the Master Plan Initiative in various places, and have undertaken initial efforts to implement it, it has become necessary to present the original vision in a more focused fashion, and to express the basic purpose of the Plan in very concrete, specific, concise terms. What follows is an attempt to do this. Read More »

Each Sunday : Live sermons via the internet

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APR 11
Away from Boston on Sunday? No problem. Now you can watch Congregation Lion of Judah's services live via internet. Schedule:
  • Sunday morning 9:00-11:00
  • Sunday afternoon 12:00-14:00
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Sermon December 11, 2005 : The truth will set you free

Kris is involved in a ministry of teaching, in instruction and discipling and we’ve known him for many years. We have been meeting with Kris over the years, we know him as a man who serves de Lord. God has given him the gift of teaching and instruction and have spoken about, a few weeks ago, about having him come to the church and just share with us his visions for transformative work that God wants to do in our lives and so we are here to just receive from you, brother. Welcome and again we invite you to feel free to do as the Lord leads you and to bless us with what God has given to you this morning.  Read More »

Sunday on Video : December 11, 2005

Worship (59 min.) | | | Ver (100K) | Ver (400K)
Sermon Kris Kile: The truth will set you free (52 min.) | Read | Listen | View (100K) | View (400K)
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Sermon November 27, 2005 : Judges 7:7

In the Book of Judges, chapter 7. This is a word of the Lord evidently for our lives this morning.  Read More »

Basil Yarde : Testimony and Prophecy for Congregation Lion of Judah

We just welcome you guys, this morning and we thank you for being here. Just know that you’re being recorded so you have to be on your best behavior this morning. This worship service, an edited form of it is going to be transmitted and I’ll let pastor Yarde give us a little more details, who he is and what he’s doing with us here today. We welcome you brother. Thanks for coming. Thanks for being here.  Read More »