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Sermon October 16, 2013: The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord

When I was asked about sharing tonight, the Book of Esther came to my mind and the story that she lived. The connection that I make is that if you read the Book of Esther it’s about a time when the power takes of the nation at that time the governmental direction was going in one direction. But along with this political drama or line or history, or movement, there’s a parallel movement, the spiritual movement of God that also begins to work at the same time at another level.  Read More »

Sermon October 6, 2013: The 3 stages of implementing a vision - build, affirm and enhance

The Lord has placed in my spirit what I call 'horizontal sermons' and by horizontal I mean sermons that are not necessarily too mystical or too spiritual but really, they are of course founded in the Word of God but they also speak about aspects of the practical life of a believer. So we aren't focused on any particular character or text necessarily but just the Spirit of God overshadowing the entire theme that we are addressing.  Read More »

Sermon September 25, 2013: The feast of tabernacles

The feast of tabernacles. It’s in the Bible and it starts in your favorite book Leviticus. God told the people of Israel to celebrate his festival and he told them during the feast of tabernacles, to sacrifice 70 bulls. Now why did he tell them to sacrifice 70 bulls? Because there were 70 nations given en Genesis, chapter 10, so the Jewish people of old days, understood that the 70 bulls represented the 70 nations. So the feast of tabernacles is known as the feast for all nations and one day you’re all going to go to Jerusalem and celebrate. Alleluia!  Read More »

Sermon September 1, 2013: Called to testify

The measure of the success of a Church is in the testimony of the saints, the story of the people. And so listening to the stories of the saints today the Congregacion Lion of Juda has much wealth, great wealth, a great treasure. Holy Scripture says that: "Where your treasure is there your heart will be also" the story of the Church that you have, that you are needs to be told out there.  Read More »

Sermón 7 de julio 2013: It all starts with Jesus and having intimacy with Him

I wanna talk about Jesus for a moment and I want to talk about shoes, what does Jesus have to do with 'shoes'? I remember once I was in missionary training and this woman was teaching us to hear the voice of God, she was also talking about the character of Christ, all the different names of Christ and all the wonderful things of our Christ.  Read More »

Sermón 7 de julio 2013: We have to live the life we want our children to live

Salms 78 verse 5 to 8 is powerful, isn't it? He commanded our ancestors to teach these things to their children so the next generation might know, those children not yet born it is a command from God for us to anticipate to be able to bring the Gospel to our children, our children's children.  Read More »

Sermon June 2, 2013: Three tests to evaluate if we truly lead a Christian life

First John is a letter that deals with what it means to be an authentic Christian. It's written to a community of early Christians that were being bombarded by people who had adopted a false version of christianity.  Read More »

Gordon Conwell Commencement Address May 11, 2013: Clear Teaching for a Culture in Flux

Today you set out on a journey that is glorious, but also daunting. This graduating class will have to minister in large degree to a culture that, perhaps like never before in American history, is alienated and skeptical with respect to the values and claims of Christianity and Christian institutions.  Read More »

Asking for the extraordinary collaboration of the people of God

Dear Brothers and Sisters: On behalf of the Deacons of Congregation Lion of Judah, we would like to thank you for your generosity and commitment to the advance of the Kingdom of God in Boston. As we all know, we find ourselves in the final phase of the construction of our new facility. As we approach the completion of this massive project, we face some significant challenges. The funds from our initial loan have been exhausted, and we must now finish this project "on our own," so to speak, but with God's help! Read More »

Sermon April 21, 2013: Seek the peace of the city and pray for it

In the New Testament there are two words that refer to the concept of time, one is chronos and the other is cairos.  Read More »