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Sermon February 26, 2006 (morning) : Paul Jehle - Interceding for Revival

I want to share with you about interceding for revival. There’s a rising tide of revival in New England. There are more and more prayer meetings taking place, more and more believers who are hungry for revival. We are in a tide, a flood tide, of the Holy Spirit, but we need guidance in our prayers. Intercession needs to take on a strategic element. We can no longer just randomly pray and ask God to just flood the culture. What we need to do is be harnessed with his plan, and harnessed with his desires, so that we are praying his will and his designs for this culture, at this time because of what He wants to do. That’s why we need guidance to begin to understand prayer.  Read More »

Sermon February 26, 2006 (afternoon) : Paul Jehle - Psalm 85

Psalm 85, it’s a psalm that was written as a prayer for intercession and specifically intercession for revival. And in the Bible we have a pattern for prayer for revival. God gives us a pattern as the design on how to pray.  Read More »

Saturday English Service : March 4, 2006

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Sermon Dr. Miranda: Why should we fast? | Read | Listen (32K) | View (100K) | View (400K)
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Biblical Worldview Conference : Audio Archive

The Worldview conference took place in Boston at Lion of Judah (April 7-8, 2006) and was sponsored by the Covenant for New England Initiative (formerly known as 'Master Plan Initiative'). The presenter list included key Christian leaders from the greater Boston area. Furthermore, Deninis Peacocke came from California and John Rankin from Connecticut. Below you can listen to the main presentations (Windows Media Player format). Read More »

Sermon February 25, 2006 : Luke 5

Luke 5, I’d like to speak to you about servants. In my mind, as a matter of fact, last night we had a meeting with the team that’s leading this effort to sort of, send off this English ministry, and we were talking about the need for people. Also Greg was suggesting to do different things for ministry. We really want to raise our servants right from this group, rather than import them from the Spanish service.  Read More »

Mark Mueller : February 2006 - Times of Transition

As I wrote in my last report I am in the process of moving to another city, San Pedro Sula. The past 2 years I have been serving with a church in La Ceiba, Honduras, where I have trained people in pediatric physical therapy and started a therapy clinic for children with motor problems. The church understands that the Lord is sending me to another place and supports me in the transition. Read More »

Mark Mueller : Update December 2005

I was in the U.S. from August to early December. I went to work and raise support for 2006. Thank God, I found a temporary job and He has provided the support to return to Honduras. My intention was to be stateside for only 2 months but I hurt my back on the trip to the states and needed time to recuperate. Praise God that my back is better. Read More »

Sunday on Video : February 26, 2006

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Saturday English Service : February 25, 2006

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Sermon February 19, 2006 (afternoon) : Lou Engle

We’re just thrilled again to have Lou Engle, a man of God, of national stature and greatly used by the Lord to bring a vision of fasting and prayer and spiritual warfare and to raise a generation of young people that will usher in the revival de God wants to bring to this nation, and to prepare de way for the coming of the Lord. So we are honored to have Lou Engle, let’s just give him a great applause. Welcome, brother. We’re so thrilled to have you here.  Read More »