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Sermon August 5, 2006 : Ephesians 2: 19-22

Tonight I’m talking tonight about, we’re talking tonight about being an outsider, being uncomfortable, being a little how shall be say, feeling like a stranger, feeling like things just aren’t good or easy or something like that.  Read More »

Saturday English Service : August 5, 2006

Sermon July 29, 2006 : The desire of your heart

For many years I would read these three or four verses and I’d get a knot in my throat because I sensed something very, very beautiful was happening in this room, and that I would have loved to be a fly on the wall. It’s out of John, chapter 12, verses 1 through 3 and then we’re going to skip down to verses 7 through 8.  Read More »

Saturday English Service : July 29, 2006

Sermon July 8, 2006 : Ephesians I (Part 4)

Well, my intention tonight is to continue with this expository journey through the Book of Ephesians, the epistle, the letter to the Ephesians. You might remember that Ephesians is in the New Testament and you might remember that we are talking about some of these key elements, these key words, these key terms.  Read More »

Saturday English Service : July 8, 2006

Sermon June 24, 2006 : Ephesians I (Part 3)

A couple of weeks ago we began looking very intentionally, obviously through the Letter to the Ephesians and I particularly enjoyed being able to share with you some thoughts from last weeks portion and you know, it’s a blessing for me. We’ll pursue this as much as we can, as long as we can and as long as it’s having meaning for you.  Read More »

Saturday English Service : June 24, 2006

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Sermon June 17, 2006 : Ephesians 1 (Part 2)

Look at the passage where we left off last week. One of the things for example, that I just share with you about, when you’re studying a text of the Bible is there are different kinds of considerations that you could take into account, that can help you to understand the whole book or sometimes an expression that you’re using or rather that you’re reading.  Read More »

Saturday English Service : June 17, 2006

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