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Saturday English Service : February 17, 2007

Sermon February 10, 2007 : Ephesians 4 (Part 4)

Why don’t we go to the word? And I’ve been kind of stuck in a passage that I thought, well it’s going to be about the fourth time that I preach on it, because I’m going through the book of Ephesians, by the way, if you haven’t been here in a while. I think I haven’t preached in two or three weeks because of different situations and we’re going through with a sequence and this passage is so rich in Chapter 4, of Ephesians, that really, I mean, I thought it would be a waste if we skipped over, just in the interest of all saying, well, we’re going ahead.  Read More »

Saturday English Service : February 10, 2007

Saturday English Service : February 3, 2007

View (400K) a special worship service with Cory and Paul Taylor and the worship team from Flame of Fire Covenant church. Read More »

Saturday English Service : January 27, 2007

View (400K) the one year celebration service in its entire length. Read More »

Sermon January 20, 2007 : A Potluck Dinner - What nourishment are you bringing to church?

How many of you have ever been to a potluck dinner? You know, it’s one of those dinners where everyone brings their favorite dish. They bring either, you know, a main dish, or side, or something. And you bring it all together, and everyone gets to eat everyone’s different food.  Read More »

Sermon January 13, 2007 : Ephesians 4 (Part 3)

Let’s go to Ephesians, Chapter 4. And for the third time, I’m going to choose the same text, the same passage and go over it again. Remember what I said last time that, you know, God’s word is multilayered, multidimensional.  Read More »

Sermon January 14, 2007 : Homosexuality - a detour on the road towards sexual maturity

Hello, buenos días. I wish I could speak more of your beautiful language. I grew up in Southern California where you really need to speak Spanish, but I never learned because I’m stubborn and stupid, so forgive me. I do a lot of work within the Latin world. Doors have opened there for us to equip the church to deal with broken people, people that really love Jesus, but who struggle in deep and shameful areas of their lives.  Read More »

Sunday on Video : January 14, 2007

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Saturday English Service : January 13, 2007