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Sermon February 7, 2016: Portals for prayer

My brother Michael Varnet we welcome you, it’s a dream to have you here and it’s a blessing to have you and Ellaine with us, thank you for making the trek. Just telling them that you came from this water color society that opted you into their membership in the day, so it’s a privilege to have you, and I hope you receive the welcome and the warmth from our Congregation for you, for your wife for all you contributed to our Church, welcome, great to have you.  Read More »

Sermon December 20, 2015: God in the midst of us

Mathew, chapter 1, verse 18 and following. This is how the birth of Lord Jesus, the Messiah, came about.  Read More »

Sermon November 29, 2015: Generosity and gratitude

In First Chronicles, chapter 16 David is in gratitude to the Lord for having returned the arch of the covenant after it had been captured by the philistines, and he was able finally, after much travail and missteps, he finally succeeds in bringing the arch into the tabernacle. The arch, the symbol of the presence of God among his people, and David was so grateful that he declared a special offering for the Lord. He declares a day of gratitude before the Lord. Chapter 16, verse 1 says:  Read More »

Sermon November 8, 2015: Come out of the cave

First Kings 18, you may be familiar with the story. It deals with the prophet Elijah challenging the prophets of Baal during a time when the people of Israel had left worshiping Jahweh and where worshiping idols instead. So Elijah sets up a competition, a challenge to the prophets of Baal. He says, now we’ll see who is the true God, and you can set up your own altar for Baal and cry to him for fire to be sent from your Baal god on this altar, and I’ll build an altar to the Lord, to Jahweh and I’ll call on his name and we’ll see who answers with fire.  Read More »

Sermon August 2, 2015: The art of following

There is so many emphasis these days on leadership that it tends to minimize in our hearts and our minds, the understanding of God's call to follow. You know, I grew up in the "baby boom" generation. I'm not wanting to get too far afield in developing some of these thoughts but, how many of you have heard the term "baby boomers"? The "baby boom" generation are those who were born after the Second World War and up to 1964 and one of the writers, Tom Wolf was his name, in 1970, he made the statement that kind of stuck with this generation, he called the "baby boomers" the "me" generation.  Read More »

Sermon February 1, 2015: Nothing shall be impossible

We have been engaged on this lengthy, lengthy series on healing and emotional health, that God heal us emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and how to live an abundant life in the Spirit despite the wounds and despite the distortions, and the deformations of life.  Read More »


Latino church hosts gubernatorial interfaith service

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As a prelude to the inauguration of Governor-Elect Charlie Baker, political, civic and religious leaders from throughout the region will be gathering at the Congregation Lion of Judah (or, “Congregacion Leon de Juda”) at 5:30pm Wednesday evening to celebrate an Interfaith Inaugural Prayer Service welcoming the new Governor and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito. Although pre-inaugural prayer services are a Commonwealth tradition, the January 7th service is the first time in the Commonwealth’s history that the Interfaith Service is hosted by a Latino congregation.  Read More »

Sermón 12 de octubre 2014: The King of the nations

This flag is of South Africa, they use these colors to evangelize. The national anthem of South Africa is a prayer and the anthem is sang in five languages. So they use the black to show the sin, and the red they use to show the blood of Jesus, and the green and blue to show the heaven, the white is the peace that Jesus gives to us, and so it is like a book without any words.  Read More »

CLJ Family Directory

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NOV 18
Our congregation is getting ready to update our church directory and we would love for you to be a part of this project! Lifetouch Photography will be at our church from November 18th through the 24th and every participating family will receive a free copy of our church directory as well as an 8x10 family portrait before Christmas. Please take 3 minutes and schedule your session today by clicking here.  Read More »