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I want to introduce Alison, a 15 month old girl with Down's Syndrome. A child with Down's has hypotonia, a condition where the muscles are weak and loose, which hinders their motor development. Early physical therapy treatment is important for children with Down's. Betty, Alison's mother is happy to have her daughter in physical therapy. Previously she traveled once a month so that Alison could receive therapy. Betty says that Alison is progressing faster than she thought was possible. Praise God that Alison is improving her motor skills.

Hands of Mercy is a mission project which provides physical therapy for children with motor problems. The mission is located at the Living Love (Amor Viviente) church, in La Ceiba, Honduras. Currently we see 14 children weekly for therapy at the clinic at the church. I want to share the following vision I have for the ministry:

  1. Train Volunteers to Provide Physical Therapy Services for Children.
  2. Support Institutions by Training their Staff or Students
  3. Help with Rehab Equipment to Improve the Quality of Life
  4. Expand the Ministry in the Community.
  5. Share the Love of Christ.

Future Plans

At the end of April I will be helping train students from the Functional Therapy Program at the University of Honduras. In May I will begin another course in pediatric physical therapy to train volunteers. We hope to have our first therapy brigade in a village outside of La Ceiba in May or June.

Prayer Needs

  • Financial Provision for myself and the needs of the ministry.
  • For direction and guidance in the process of raising up the ministry.
  • That God Would Bless the training and future plans.
  • Health, Safety, and Protection.
  • That God Would Be Glorified in Everything

Note to Supporters:

Thank you very much for your financial support and prayers that makes this ministry possible. Please make support checks payable to 'Congregacion Leon de Juda', write 'Honduras Mission' on the memo line, and send them to:

Congregación León de Juda
Attention: Treasurer
68 Northampton St.
Boston MA 02118
Tel. 617-541-4455


Mark Mueller
Apartado 497
La Ceiba, Atlántida
Honduras, Central América
Phone: 504-441-5514 (home), 504-443-1695 (church)


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