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[Alexa and Kenia]

As I have written previously I have been in the process of moving to another city, San Pedro Sula, and of transitioning to serve with Cure International, a mission that performs pediatric orthopedic surgery. I have already moved and praise God all went well. Unfortunately there have been some delays in my start with Cure but I hope to begin the ministry soon. Meanwhile I will be updating my training program and exploring new opportunities to train people in pediatric physical therapy.

Therapy Clinic JUTIAPA Part of the vision I have for the ministry is to establish small clinics in rural areas where there is more need to hear the gospel. The first clinic has begun operating in the town of Jutiapa. (Jutiapa is one hour from La Cieba where I was serving previously.) Last year I trained two sisters, Teresa and Elsy, who live in Jutiapa. The past few months I have gone to Jutiapa to help them start the clinic in their home where currently they are seeing four children. I am planning on visiting them periodically to help support their work. Below you can see photos of us working in the clinic with Alexa and Kenia, two girls with cerebral palsy.

Prayer Needs:
  • Financial Provision for my needs and the needs of the ministry.
  • That God would open new doors of service and bless the plans of the ministry.
  • Safety and Protection- San Pedro Sula is a city with much crime and violence.
  • Direction, Guidance, Wisdom, and Health.
  • For the health of my fiancé's father who recently had a stroke.

Note to financial supporters:

Thank you for your financial support and prayers that make this ministry possible. Please make support checks payable to 'Congregacion Leon de Juda', write 'Honduras Mission' in the memo and send them to:

Congregación León de Juda
Attention: Treasury
68 Northampton St.
Boston MA 02118
Tel. 617-541-4455


Mark Mueller
Phone: 504-904-7972 (in Honduras)


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