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[Deysi and Selvin (left), Miriam]

As I wrote in my last report I am in the process of moving to another city, San Pedro Sula. The past 2 years I have been serving with a church in La Ceiba, Honduras, where I have trained people in pediatric physical therapy and started a therapy clinic for children with motor problems. The church understands that the Lord is sending me to another place and supports me in the transition.

A few people will continue to see children in the clinic and I am planning on supporting their work periodically. Below you can see a picture of Deysi, one of my assistants, and Selvin, a child with cerebral palsy. When Selvin came to the clinic he had little movement, his body was very stiff, and he did not play. I trained Deysi in Selvin's therapy and she has continued to work with him, even during my time in the U.S. Praise God that Selvin has improved greatly. He can now sit, is beginning to crawl, and likes to play with toys. Deysi and Selvin are a good example of the vision I have to train people in pediatric therapy through this ministry.

Future Planes: I am moving to San Pedro Sula in March and will begin to serve with Cure International, a mission that does pediatric orthopedic surgery. I had my first opportunity to serve with Cure in February when a team of orthopedic surgeons came and I helped as an interpreter. Below is a picture of Miriam, a 3 year old girl from La Ceiba that I helped to be seen by the team. She was operated on for a hip problem. In the future I hope to be a link to help more children from La Ceiba like Miriam.

Prayer Needs

  • Financial Provision for myself and the needs of the ministry.
  • That God would help me in my transitions of moving to San Pedro Sula, serving with a new ministry, and marriage in June 2006.
  • Direction, Guidance, Wisdom, Health, Safety, and Protection.
  • That God Would Be Glorified in Everything

Note to Supporters:

Thank you very much for your financial support and prayers that makes this ministry possible. Please make support checks payable to 'Congregacion Leon de Juda', write 'Honduras Mission' on the memo line, and send them to:

Congregación León de Juda
Attention: Treasury
68 Northampton St.
Boston MA 02118
Tel. 617-541-4455


Mark Mueller
Phone: 504-904-7972 (in Honduras)


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