Dr. Miranda,
I was present at GCTS graduation and how thankful to hear you address, without hesitation... to the church...the culture.
My family is struggling..my friends are as well with the apathy of the church and the tolerance of the world that has crept into the functioning body.

My son pastors in CA..he received his doctorate yesterday...therefore I am fully aware of what the church is facing. He is well aware of the views you addressed.
I however live in Indianapolis IN..my church is embracing the things of this world so as 'not to be judgmental'....and to be 'more just and accepting.'

Your Address was exactly what I needed and thank you, thank you for being so bold.
I saw pastors squirm in their seat yesterday and that saddened me...I knew my situation is not alone as I'm sorry to say it's so much easier to conform to the world...and they are.

Blessings to you ..God help us all
BEA Beck


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