Greetings to all brothers and sisters.

"God is good" often a phrase that is hard to register in hard times.

God is good and faithful every day in my life. He has guided me through all seasons and challenges.

Those of you facing the impact of tough economy. You are in my prayer. Those of you in a fortunate state, I encourage you to reach out to the lesser.

God is good and all is possible in Him.

For 18 years, I slaved over one obsession in medical research looking for solutions to improve better cardiac stents to prolong human life. This long career came to an end in 2007 due to my continuous refusal to advance my career through personal indecent proposal from the top. It was simply not an option for a Christian woman. I'm grateful and thankful to God keeping me in clean slate all those years and directed me out in His own time without regrets.

My life now is deeper in tuned with God and enjoying His presence in our daily walk and talk.

God reintroduced the Sun, clouds, light, colours of flowers and scent of all sorts into my life, the simple living I took for granted.

I am now learning to be a full time housewife, improving cooking skill without burning the dinner too often, keeping flowers alive in the garden, less speedy on the roads and taken longer showers.

God is good and faithful. He guides and changes my life when least expected.

Feeling happy and feeling glorious.

Yours truly,

Mia Shay


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