Dominion theology or "the 7 mountains of cultural influence is an " inferred" Biblical teaching. Of course God desires to bring His Kingdom to earth. Cultural influence is a latent consequence of rivival, not a manifest consequence of an outpouring of Himself on individuals and congregations. I have " been there." After 35 years of carefully studying scripture it is ONLY the New Blood of The New Covenant we have been born again into along with the Scriptural call of our Priesthood; ministering unto The Lord, which will produce revival. God did not honor " the imminent" forecast of revival 6 yrs ago. "Clumsy, hopeless task " of interpersonal Evangelism is EXACTLY how Biblical revival occurred. God was also profoundly dishonored with the reference of His Presence having a sinister quality! Man is sinister! Gods Presence is PURE and HOLY!!!! I have never experienced the sinisteness of Gods presence. To make that suggestion is a sinister and profoundly deceptive statement to make in and of itself concerning the nature, character and essence of The Christ our Savior and High Priest!!!! Due to Hebrews 10:29-31, Revelation 2:5 is Very Very close!! We need to honor Jesus shed blood of His New Covenant as that is the main " doctrine" of the written witness of Holy Scripture. Please promote the New Covenant of our Savior! I am a" chief of sinners," but I know that the New Blood needs to be taught Very Very soon . With my whole heart LOJ has my love and RESPECT.


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